Any cannabis grower worth his salt knows how vulnerable young marijuana plants can be, and will want to lavish care and attention on them. That's why we've invented a revolutionary new aid for cannabis cultivation: Soiltabs! These 100% organic tabs will ensure that your marijuana plants get the best possible start. For even better results, also

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Charateristics of Soiltabs


Soiltabs provide a constant supply of nutrients to your seedlings and cuttings in the first six weeks of growth, which helps them develop into strapping, vigorous plants. A choice blend of bacteria and humic acids stabilizes the soil's pH value, creating an ideal hatchery for your delicate seedlings. One packet of Soiltabs contains 10 tablets.

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Top 5 reasons to use Soiltabs


  1. Soiltabs stimulate and speed up new root growth.
  2. Soiltabs will not damage or scorch roots.
  3. Soiltabs infuse plants with fortitude and vitality.
  4. Soiltabs are easy to use.
  5. Soiltabs are made from 100% organic ingredients.

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Propagator Pro

Nirvana is excited to bring you the newest innovation, the Propagator Pro. This nifty little propagator ships completely flat, but then unfolds into a sturdy yet sophisticated container for safe germination, complete with built-in LED lighting including batteries, a bag of perlite, a thermometer strip and an instruction sheet.



So your little seedlings have grown up to become vigorous and flourishing cannabis plants. The time has come for them to flower. But how can you help your plants through the flowering period? What nutes do they need? In short: what is the easiest way to ensure maximum harvests of first-rate marijuana? Flowertabs: the foolproof way to fertilize!



Nirvana is proud to introduce the award-winning, patented technology of Root Pouch biodegradable plant pots. Root Pouch takes discarded plastic bottles and turns them into plant pots! Resilient and lightweight, these pots have been designed to break down over time so that your cannabis plants can grow big and strong.

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